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It was the year 1973 when the brothers Giampaolo and Alessandro Valoti started the production of shirts with the firm intention of producing the most beautiful quality shirt on the market. in their land, the Seriana valley, the textile tradition is centuries old and there is no shortage of industrial manufactures from which to draw precious fabrics and highly skilled labour. they start with a laboratory at the house, with workers dedicated to a limited but high quality production. the valoti personally select the fabrics born from the best yarns and check them one by one on delivery before authorizing their use, the same goes for buttons and other details. the quality of the shirts made with care and skill by expert hands does not go unnoticed, the requests increase and soon it becomes necessary to expand the laboratory to satisfy the customers. in 1980 production reached 1000 shirts a day, sold and distributed in the best boutiques in the world. in 1984 the business moved to a real factory and increased the number of employees, carefully selected and trained capable professionals, the strong point of product quality. to keep faith with their passion for quality and "know-how" the valoti brothers later decide to create their own brand, which they also control the distribution of. sonrisa was born, the brand of shirts that blend artisan tradition and sartorial care with production experience and stylistic sensitivity for fashion trends. the rigorously Italian production is today 350 garments a day, all skilfully packaged and highly appreciated by a particularly demanding market. the v.&v. Group in the meantime, it has welcomed three new partners – luigi, monica and luca valoti – who have taken over the company from their respective fathers and have been able to choose new paths, strengthened by the advice of the wise seniors still in the company. their sensitivity to the market has led to the conception of new brands in the sign of a strong specialization in shirts and a diversified response in terms of price. a textbook generational shift: trust in young people and capitalization of experience.

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