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Adam Benjamin Kostner, a close friend of Hemingway, often accompanied him on long journeys, in reality and in the imagination. He lived his life in freedom and in search of continuous emotions, whether he was sitting behind his desk of a young manager of the City, or that he was admiring an African or Caribbean sunset.


A.B. KOST or A.B.K., as the intimates and friends called him, dressed in a refined but extremely practical way, his pullovers and polo shirts, are still famous in the exclusive English clubs.

When the company decided to develop the A.B. KOST project, has decided to dress consumers who face the life of "neo-nomads" and therefore love to feel free and travel, interpreting in a current key, what for the whole life was the "KOSTNER thought".

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Sweater with diamond inlay, long sleeve crew neck.
Soft wool and cashmere fabric, an extremely warm natural fiber from a selection of the best cashmere and Mongole wool.
The quality of the finished garment comes from the purity of the homogeneity of the fibers twisted together, both cashmere and wool, but also from the weaving and finishing process that enhance the softness and natural shine.
Available in three colors.
Made and designed completely in Italy.
Made in Italy.

Cashmere V-neck pullover - Ab Kost

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V-neck sweater in refined cashmere.

Conceived and made entirely in Italy, the result of ancient craftsmen who over the years have transmitted from generation to generation the best quality techniques in terms of stitching and finishing.

A timeless Cashmere line, made to give certainties and comfort to the wearer.

The most luxurious and expensive cashmere in the world comes from Mongolia. It is combed by hand from the belly of the Tibetan goat where about 14 ounces are collected for combing. Due to its purity it is classified as cashmere "White". Cashmere produced from countries other than Mongolia is classified as cashier Brown.