List of products by brand CRISCI

For almost a century, the Crisci family has been producing footwear while maintaining the love and energy of the shoemaker Raffaele, the initiator of a tradition based on the passion and meticulous care of his work. Today the young craftsmen of Nuova Crisci, trained within the company and followed by the scrupulous eye of highly experienced masters, begin to shape their products starting from the cut and the hides. The modernization and the machinery at the service of the artisan work have not affected the Crisci tradition which continues in the passion, care and precision of the ancient workshop. The founder of the ancient workshop put to his knowledge all the procedures originating in northern Italy and abroad in order to improve his knowledge of his trade, allowing the Crisci company to establish itself over a century as one of the most respectful of the canons traditional.

All phases for the production of the shoes are performed exclusively within the company without delegating processing steps to the outside in order to keep the rigorous procedures under control.

The offer of Crisci products is aimed at giving a competitive product from all points of view: design, fit, execution, target-status symbol. Today, innovation does not consist only in respecting tradition, but in building shoes that have the functionality and practicality to satisfy the needs of the most competent customers.

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